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When we were first conceived, the first thing created in all of us was the brain.  Next, it was carefully encased in a bony hard substance called the cranium.  Afterwards, the spinal cord, an extension of the brain was created, and that too was encased in a protective layer called the vertebrae or spinal column.

The next part to be developed in-utero was the spinal nerve roots, which are extensions of the spinal cord.  Ultimately, those spinal nerve roots create spinal nerves which are surrounded by embryonic tissue. The brain is then stimulated by the embryonic tissue via the super highway called the nervous system. It was then and only then, that the other systems in the body developed. 

You see the nervous system is what controls all the systems in the body. If you were to look up nervous system in the Webster’s Dictionary, you would find it defined as the following: “The master control system of the body that controls all other systems of the body.”

The nervous system consists of three different areas.   The first is the brain.   It is the originator of the messages that are needed to be distributed to all the cells, tissues, organs, and systems of the body.

The second part of the nervous system is the spinal cord.  Think of it as the super highway of the nervous system. It is a complex system which has routes to every aspect of our body.

The third part of the nervous system is the spinal nerve. Think of this as an exit off the main highway. Without these exits, you can never really get to a specific destination.

The brain weighs only 3 pounds.   It needs only the energy of a 10 watt bulb, yet the functions of the brain are truly staggering. The brain is so complete and complex in its function that you would need two buildings the size of the Empire State Building to house today’s technology that would rival the power of the brain. 

Let me explain further. The brain can perform billions of operations simultaneously. Billions! A computer can only perform one task at a time. A computer can perform the task at astounding speeds, but it can only perform one function at a time. Therefore, in order to have the computer be able to replicate the full capacity of the nervous system, you would need a massive system enabling the computer to perform complex tasks; billions of them at the same time. That is why the nervous system is called the master control system of the body. It controls all other systems. Without it, you could not survive.

 Here is another way to emphasize the importance of the nervous system.  If you cut the nerve to the lungs, how would the lung know what to do? Think of the lung as an appliance, and the spinal cord is the circuit.  If the circuit breaker isn’t allowing energy to flow into the outlet that supplies the appliance, the appliance is not going to work.  It’s the same with the cells, tissues, organs, and systems of the body.

The Workings of the Nervous System

Intelligence flows through every cell in the body. This intelligence is referred to by chiropractors as Innate Intelligence. Without this intelligence, there would be no order and no divine collaboration within our body. 

There is an internal divine guidance that guides all the functions of the body.   It knows exactly what substance to produce at the exact time needed. The neuronal connections within our body are truly staggering. In the brain alone, there are more possible connections than there are possible combinations of phone lines within the Unites States. Just imagine that number!

So what prevents our body from doing its thing? What prevents this splendid orchestra from playing its tune called health?

Interference with the nervous system can have serious complications. Think about this for a moment. If I’m on a phone and I’m giving you very detailed instructions on how to get from point A to point B, and all of a sudden your phone begins to break up, will you be able to accurately get the directions you need to get to your destination? Now, this is not because you are incompetent.  It is simply due to the fact that there was a break in your communication with me. 

The key is to maintain 100 % communication within every aspect of the body. The researchers are just beginning to understand that there are mechanisms within our body that are trying to communicate something very important.  One example is the fever.  At first fever was regarded as something that needed to be stopped.  We now know that it is designed to throw off the foreign invaders.

 How did we react to fevers just 10 years ago? We pushed fever reducing substances down our children’s throats, and we bought into it. There are so many examples of this type of message scrambling that we do to ourselves, be it emotionally, physically, nutritionally, etc.   Misunderstandings take place all the time.  That is why I’m writing this book — to at least give you a basic understanding of your body and what you can do immediately to bring it the next level. You have a very sophisticated body which needs a sophisticated understanding on how to provide it with the essential care it needs.

If the entire nervous system is fully functioning and fully interactive, with all the cells, tissues, organs, and other systems in the body, then the body can effectively and efficiently respond appropriately to dangerous conditions in the body. However, if the nervous system is not functioning properly, then you will find that it will create an imbalance, or lack of ease also called dis-ease. 

The mindset that we have in regards to our bodies must be changed. Do we just get by in a world that is cruel, or is life a miracle, and the body that I am in the temple of my soul? Do we have reverence for our bodies? Again this book is a wake up call for you to realize that there is so much in all of us to stimulate health — so much potential.  Unfortunately, most of the time, through ignorance, the body is just wasted away. 

In coming chapters you will realize that our bodies can be the most amazing source of super immuno-stimulation and yet it can also be the greatest source of disease creation. The great researcher Gary Null, has advocated that health can be broken down into 25% nutrition, 25% exercising, and a whopping 50% mental attitude. If we have certain expectations and we believe them with certainty, those expectations will manifest in the physical world.  In other words, you truly become what you think about, good or bad. What we must remember is that the intelligence that created us at conception still flows through every cell in our body today, and we must honor that. 

I tell my patients that the body is providing us with signals, and we can not ignore those signals. Again, I will stress one thing; I or any other chiropractor, doctor or naturopath does not cure anything or anyone! The body does the curing. Think about it, you see all these doctors that boast about their achievements with patients, yet if they truly understood the innate intelligence that flows through us all, he or she would humbly become obedient to that intelligence and do everything they could to align themselves with the principles of health. 

The body can either be used in its amazing splendor or it can be abused, and if it is abused, you will suffer with the consequences of natural law. So if we are to attain incredible levels of health, we must first start with an equivalent level of gratitude for our body and respect for it. When you realize that you have a choice, to make this life what you want of it, to carve out of life what you want, to create a magical life full of passion, vibrancy, and possibility, then you must be grateful for what you have. Think about it.  There are so many things for which you can and should be grateful. The body that you are in right now is doing everything it can to support you at this very moment. It is there to serve you. So today I want you to decide that from now on, you will no longer look at your body as something that deserves a candy bar or a soda.  Think of it as one of the finest, exotic cars in the world, one that deserves and should receive only the best fuel. 

If you owned a $100,000 race horse, you would train it constantly.   You would feed it the best food possible. Why?  Because you paid all that money and you expect to get a return on your investment. Well what do you suppose you and your health are worth? How much would you be willing to pay for a liver transplant? How much for a kidney transplant? How much for a heart transplant? How much for your hearing? How much for your vision? Can you now see how valuable and priceless you really are? 

 Realize that you are a gift from your creator, and that you are here for a reason. That you are here not to be a wandering generality, but a meaningful specific, a person destined to achieve something worthwhile.  You can’t attain your heart’s desires without the spark of energy derived from a true level of health and well being. Begin today with a new appreciation that your life demands true energy, not just bouts of it.  It deserves a level of health that rivals the idea you once thought of as acceptable.

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